Democratizing early detection and treatment of chronic diseases through A.I.


PROSPERiA is a social impact spinoff from the MIT Media Lab, created to massify early detection and treatment of chronic diseases in emerging markets through solutions based on Artificial Intelligence


Seamless screening of diabetes, hypertension and related visual complications

Integrated AI-based solution to massify early detection of diabetes, hypertension and related visual complications, through risk assessment calculators, non-invasive fundus camera, retinal image analysis and personalized recommendations


Risk of diabetes, hypertension and related visual complications is assessed by an AI-based calculator

High risk users are screened for visual defects using an acuity test and a non invasive fundus camera



The retina images are screened for diabetic retinopathy damages by Retinia®, an AI-based algorithm

Cases with suspected retinopathy and other visual-threatening conditions are referred to near ophthalmic centers for treatment


Begin your assessment today calculating your risk


Prevent diabetes and its complications

Cost-effective detection of DR

Reduce disability caused by diabetes

Promote self-care and self-management


Guadalupe, 54 years

Domestic worker

My eyesight was already failing, but I never thought it could lead to blindness

"I keep my diabetes under control by going every 3 months to the public family clinic. However, if I suddenly feel unwell I go to the doctor at the pharmacy nearby. In one of those visits, I was offered an exam with Retinia, in which photos from the back of my eye were analyzed in a tablet. The exam showed I had retinopathy lesions and that I should visit an ophthalmologist. I had noticed before that my eyesight was failing, but I never thought it could be related to my diabetes and that it could make me blind. Thank God I received treatment on time."

Juan Pablo, 50 years


Who knows how bad my vision would be today, if it wasn't for PROSPERiA's risk calculator?

"Upon answering PROSPERiA's risk calculator, I was advised to get an eye fundus exam as I was at high risk of diabetes related vision loss. At the exam, my retina's photos showed that my eyes were suffering silently, both eyes showed diabetic retinopathy damage although I hadn't noticed any change in my vision. At the end of the exam, I was able to schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist where I received the treatment I needed. If I hadn't answered the calculator, who knows how bad my vision would be today?"

Jorge, 49 years


" I have been a carpenter for more than 30 years and I used to consider that the exercise I did at work was enough to protect my health from diseases such as diabetes. During a health campaign at the construction site, I discovered through PROSPERiA's risk calculators, that I have a high risk of developing diabetes and they showed me how I could change my habits to prevent it. From that day on, I stopped drinking soda daily and joined the company's soccer team. This information also helped me modify the eating habits at home to take better care of my family."

The risk calculator helped me improve my lifestyle and adopt healthier habits with my family

Sofía, 42 years


Thanks to PROSPERiA, I can help patients in need see an ophthalmologist on time

"The customers from my optical shop include people with eye complaints that cannot always be solved with new prescription glasses. Thanks to Retinia, PROSPERiA's solution, I can offer a complementary examination to detect several ophthalmic disorders. Through Retinia®, eye fundus images are taken and automatically analyzed to generate a report with the customer's results. Through this solution, I can refer customers in need to an ophthalmologist before they develop irreversible visual loss."


ojo para ophthalmo.png

Ophthalmic Screening 

  • Macular degeneration

  • Glaucoma

  • Cataracts


Other Chronic Conditions

  • Cardiovascular diseases risk assessment

  • Chronic kidney disease screening



Diabetes clinics

Clinical labs

Retail pharmacies

Optical retailers

Health Insurers

Ophthalmology clinics

Public institutions

Our trusting allies include


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