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Creating cutting-edge solutions to make healthcare accessible as air

Tecnología PROSPERiA
Salud accesible como el aire

About us

PROSPERiA is a Mexican healthtech, created to democratize access to quality healthcare through solutions based on Artificial Intelligence


Create the future today

We challenge ourselves every day to think creatively and outside our comfort zone to transform healthcare.


retinIA - Vista sana, futuro claro

Platform created to prevent blindness through automatic analysis of retina images with artificial intelligence, to issue personalised recommendations for patients and doctors.

Zana is the empathetic and reliable telemedicine platform that combines the expertise of doctors and psychologists with secure technological tools to provide the best care for patients.

Also meet Ask Zana, the intelligent chat that brings health information quickly, reliable and free, via Whatsapp.

Zana - Salud a tu alcance



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