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Frequently asked questions

What is a risk calculator?

The risk calculator is a tool that estimates the possibility of a certain event occurring, for example, the probability of having an undiagnosed disease or of presenting a health complication in a period of 10 years. These types of tools are based on extensive data analysis using models, mainly statistical

What is a risk calculator for?

Risk calculators serve to prevent events that have not yet occurred. In the health context, they are particularly useful because they warn patients and health professionals about possible risks that can be addressed and minimized.

How do I interpret the results of the risk calculator?

The results presented on our platform are classified as low, medium or high, for each meter. These results only reflect the low, medium or high probability of presenting or developing a certain condition. They do not replace a medical diagnosis or indicate the initiation or discontinuation of treatment.

How does PROSPERiA design accurate and reliable risk calculators?

The PROSPERiA team developed the risk calculator presented on the platform, through the analysis of sociodemographic and health data collected through surveys of Mexican adults. We use statistical and artificial intelligence models to obtain the most useful variables to obtain highly predictive and reliable risk values. For more technical and scientific information, consult the publications section.

Why does the questionnaire include questions not related to health?

Different studies have shown that some variables, apparently unrelated to health history, are significantly related to altered levels of physiological and biochemical markers, including blood pressure, lipids, and glucose.

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Where do the recommendations obtained in the results report come from?

All the recommendations included in the section “How can I improve my health?” were obtained from the recommendations of the Pan American Health Organization, the World Health Organization and Mayo Clinic. Although they are validated recommendations, they do not replace a consultation with a doctor and should not be used to start or stop treatment

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